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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Do You Want to Get a Healthy Baby? Learn about Gestational Diabetes Diets

Do You Want to Get a Healthy Baby? Learn about Gestational Diabetes Diets

Diabetes is a common word that is known to everyone. In present era, this is a common disease that many people suffer. Even children are not spared from the grasp of diabetes. There are many categories of this health problem.  Among them, gestational diabetes is a disease that attacks women when they are pregnant. Pregnant women who have never any kinds of diabetes but who have high blood sugar levels at the time of their pregnancy are called gestational diabetes.

Time and symptoms of Gestational Diabetes:

Women are attacked such kind of health problems when they are pregnant. This happens because of the high sugar level in the blood. Women should have the seriousness to check properly whether they have gestational diabetes. They should go to the doctors and take proper check.

Another important point in this disease, is that there are no such symptoms that can help to understand they are gestational diabetes so they should check themselves by expert and experienced doctors.

How this disease can affect your baby:

Gestational diabetes affects a mother in their late pregnancy when their baby is growing and at this time, the process of making the body of the baby is already completed. It does not create any birth defects.
On the other hand, it can harm the baby if mother fails to maintain her check-up and diet. When a woman suffers from this disease, pancreas of their body works to create insulin, but it fails to lower the blood sugar levels. As a result, it gives the baby high blood sugar levels. This helps baby's pancreas to create more insulin to remove blood sugar. The extra energy of the baby is fixed as fat.
This fat leads to macrosomia and it can damage their shoulders during birth. They can face the problem of low blood sugar level and it can create severe breathing problems. All these health issues of the baby can be avoided with a gestational diabetes diet plan. It will help the mothers to control their gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes diet for the Women:

Gestational diabetes can create many health problems if mothers do not follow the routine. It can affect the health of the body. If this is not treated, mothers can experience many complications. They should visit the doctors and can get a proper a perfect diet chart that will help them to control their diabetes.

  • Carbohydrates Food:

Carbohydrates in the food turn into glucose in the body of gestational diabetes. At the same time, it is also important for the babies because it provides nourishment's to their babies. They should take following foods:
  • Fruits and juices.
  • Yogurt and milk.
  • Pasta cereals Rice and grains.
  • Bread, crackers, tortillas, rolls and bagels.
  • Lentils, split peas and dried beans.
  • Corn, potatoes and yams.

These are involved in the gestational diabetes diet that is effective to control the level of glucose.

  • Eat Frequently:

The best way is to take little amount of food at a time because heavy meal can increase the level of blood sugar. Women should not skip their meals. It helps to keep a proper balance of nutrition and this is important for the babies.

  • Drink Milk:

Milk is a very important because it contains calcium that is needed in the body of the mother and also the baby. So, they should take milk but not more than a one cup at a time. Otherwise, it increases sugar levels.

  • Limited Fruits:

Fruits are good for health because it possesses minerals, vitamins and many other important nutrition but at the same time, it also contains natural sugar that is not good for gestational diabetes patients. They can take one to three portion of a fruit at a time.

  • Reasonable Portion of Starch:

Starchy foods turn into glucose, so mothers should not take them much in their gestational diabetes diet plan. They can take a limited portion of starchy food daily.

  • Perfect Breakfast:

It is very difficult to control blood sugar levels in the morning because of the fluctuations in hormone levels. A breakfast that includes starch plus protein can be tolerated easily. Fruits, refined cereals and milk are not perfect to take in the breakfast because it increases sugar levels.

  • Avoid Fruit Juice:

Fruit juice increases blood sugar level, so they should avoid taking fruit juices.

  • Avoid Added Sugar:

Women should strictly avoid any added sugar, syrup or honey. It is very harmful for these patients.

  • Limited sweets and desserts:

They should not take cookies, cakes, candies and pastries because all these foods contain carbohydrate and fat. These are not necessary elements in their body so they should exclude them from their gestational diabetes diet chart.
The above mentioned gestational diabetes diet chart is perfect for the patients of gestational diabetes. At the same time they should also take the advice of the doctors. With the help of this plan, they can control their diabetes and can give birth to a healthy baby.