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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How Can You Keep Diabetes at Your Fingertips? By Planning Out a Diet for Diabetes

How Can You Keep Diabetes at Your Fingertips? By Planning Out a Diet for Diabetes

A lifestyle disease which claims almost 1.5 million lives each year globally, and about 9 percent of global human population affected by it, can be put at bay using some simple techniques of diet construction ( believe it or not ). When diagnosed with diabetes, best recommended way to control it is through a proper diet for diabetes, instead of relying solely on drugs or similar methods. In fact, by following a recommended diet, you may not need to rely on any other treatment schedule, thus saving yourself from heaps of bills for treatment.

What kind of diet should you pursue when you are diagnosed with diabetes? Which type of foods should you lay your hands off? What other activities you need to perform? All these can be answered by a simple phrase: a normal balanced diet with no additives.
You can choose your diet by consulting with your physician regarding your taste of food. Your diet should contain:

  • High Fiber Carbohydrates:

As the class suggests, these carbohydrates are not easily digestible, and contain high amounts of fibers. Delayed digestion reduces the amount of sugars reaching blood, thus controlling of blood sugar levels.

  • High Protein Content:

Proteins are known for being the second best energy source of a diet after carbohydrates. In case you really want to limit your carb consumption, supplement it with proteins on a grand scale, like lean meats ( not red meats ), cottage cheese ( not packaged industrial cheese ), eggs and Greek yogurt. Make your protein diet an interesting one.

  • Choose You’re Fats Wisely:

Saturated fats from fish and plant sources like avocado, salmon, olive oil, etc. can serve as beneficial fats in your diet. For the sake of diversity, fish fats can be used as dressing for your salad. However, saturated fats found in ready to eat foods like the pizzas have the potential to further worsen your state.

  • Lot of Greens:

Green veggies raw, roasted or slightly cooked serve as a complete meal in your diet by itself. Containing just the right proportions of fats, proteins and carbs, veggies are a great shot at keeping yourself healthy. A typical diet for diabetes always mentions about the diversity you need to bring in terms of veggies you take.

For better results, mix your veggies with diet fats and carbohydrates ( not corn ) to prepare a perfectly balanced diet for diabetes. If mixed in proper proportions, your creation may become more effective than the recommended diet. Salad is recommended even in normal diet to ensure that proper fiber and other micro nutrients are available in requisite amounts.

  • Cut Down on High Calorie Beverages and Alcoholic Drinks:

Alcoholic Drinks tend to hide the amount of calorie they bring to the table. So do cocktails (mixing liquid contains more sugars than the alcohols themselves), soft drinks and sodas; these in fact are recommended to be diminished in quantity, and if taken, should be done with meals.

  • Diversify Your Drinks with Homemade Low Calorie Drinks:

Many diets for diabetes recommend taking only plain water, but you can blend in fruits or vegetables in plain water along with spices like cinnamon. Throw in some extra drops of lemon extract, and your drink will be as interesting as wine or beer. Tea or coffee can be a much better option for beverages instead of other alcoholic ones.

  • Take Care of your Sweet tooth in a Meaningful Way:

It is a useless to follow a strict diet for diabetes yet gulp up significant amount of dessert full of sugary creams and jellies. Diabetic people are not recommended to stop having dessert, but to contain their consumption. To make matters go in favor of a healthy diet, it is recommended to take dessert with meals. You can also diversify your packaged dessert with homemade options like blend in frozen banana.

These are standard in any diet for diabetes patients, which can be adjusted ( as per calorific value ) according to the individual tastes. Another approach is diversification of snacks like the chips, the pizzas and the burgers with natural products like nuts. Packed with natural fats, these tend to manage diabetes more effectively than factory processed foods in long run.