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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gestational Diabetes Diet - Are you Diagnose with Gestation Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes Diet - Are you Diagnose with Gestation Diabetes?

During pregnancy, you have to go through with many diagnosis processes to protect you and your baby from danger. If you just diagnose with a gestation diabetes then no need to worry about it. You have to maintain your gestation diabetes diet which will help you to lower the level of your blood sugar or glucose and protect you and your baby.

What should be the gestational diabetes diet?

People should take a great care of women during their pregnancies. Women need to maintain the diets at regular interval and must eat whenever they feel hungry. The diet should not be more or less; it must be a perfect meal.

A gestational diabetes diet is not other than their regular diets. The only different is that they need to reduce sugar and carbohydrate items which will increase the blood sugar.

To metabolize the sugar or glucose content, a human body secretes insulin. Diabetes patients are not able to secrete the amount of insulin needed for the metabolism of sugar, so the increase in the level of sugar will enter the blood stream termed as blood sugar and detected as diabetes.

That means if you eat food that contains carbohydrate and sugar will affect you and your baby’s health. You must be focused on having food items that are rich in proteins, fats, and less sugar. By picking up of these food items, you will be able to get proper vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your gestational diabetes diet.

How to prevent and control the blood sugar?

Your body insulin can not metabolize the food that contains sugar during gestational diabetes. You need an extra amount of insulin to metabolize them. It is supplied to your body either by medication or injection. You have to inject the insulin by your own.

If your diabetes level is less, then regular exercises will maintain your blood sugar level. You should do workouts regularly. Workouts like fast walking, running, cycling will help you to metabolize the nutrients that were present in your food items. You must take proper advice and tips from your medical practitioner to avoid any mistakes while performing.

When you are taking rest do not stick to any place for hours like for watching television, you must stand up and have a walk then change your position and place to sit.

Food you can eat with gestational Diabetes Diet:

You must make a proper list of food items for your healthy balanced diet which you can have during gestational diabetes diet and ensure yours and your baby’s health.

You must avoid processed food items like raw meat and concentrate on fresh and unprocessed foods as organic meat, poultry. The green leafy vegetable like spinach will be a good choose. You can take fruits like apples, grapes, watermelons, etc.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner must be taken through proper channel and in time. You must be aware that you have never skipped your food while engaging in other works and activities; it may hamper your health and your baby too. Eat less at a time but eat more at regular intervals to remain healthy and active.

Glycemic Index (GI) for Gestational Diabetes Diet:

A glycemic index is a parameter which measured the carbohydrate present in a food item for maintaining the blood sugar. The glycemic index is classified into three groups such as high glycemic index, medium glycemic index, and low glycemic index.

Your choose of food items will depend on GI level, the high GI level foods have high carbohydrate content, the medium GI foods have moderate carbohydrate content, and low GI foods have least carbohydrate content.

The high GI food items include baked potatoes, cornflakes, rice, and bread while low GI food items include beans, nuts and fruits like apples, oranges, etc. A woman must choose the low GI food items to ensure their level of fitness and maintain the blood sugar level. You can mix the high GI and low GI food items to maintain a proper balanced diet to ensure your protection from any lack of necessary food nutrients.

You can also eat high-fiber foods which will energize you after workouts. You can easily avoid any extra insulin to the injected in your body by maintaining the gestational diabetes diet.