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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Easy Way to Tackle Diabetes with Some Best Tips on Diet for Diabetes

Easy Way to Tackle Diabetes with Some Best Tips on Diet for Diabetes


Diabetes is not that much of a problem once you keep track with your food habits. An healthy diet for diabetes will not only keep you away from diabetes but will also let you maintain proper blood sugar levels, accurate body weight balance, off from heart diseases and much more. Apart from that healthy diet is nothing but, keeping balance with all carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other essential nutrients in your food. However, a little amount of regular exercise can help achieve best results along with your diabetic problems.

Eating Plan and Healthy Habits

Best way to start your day is having some fruit juice. You may also have ginger in Luke warm water added with a little lemon juice. This is believed to clear your stomach very well and does not let you have gastric problems. It also helps a lot in reducing weight by burning all unwanted fat early in mornings. Must take up a physical activity and best considered exercise is jogging or running if you are comfortable. Any physical activity carried during mornings is considered best; as that can have right impact on one’s body.

  • Breakfast diet –

Your diet for diabetes has to have a very healthy breakfast which is a key to improve your health. Have something rich in protein and nutrients with low amount of carbohydrates and fats. Avoid eating fat containing food or fried food. You may have watermelon juice or some other juice along with your breakfast which will ensure level of hydration in your body. Must have eggs, brown breads, fruits, low sugar bran flakes, high fibre and low sugar breakfast cereal and kinds of food.

  • Noon diet –

It food is all that tempts you, try having most of your loved foods in your morning diet. It is said, you can digest completely whatever you intake during mornings. Your diet for diabetes in lunch shall be a balanced diet. Have brown rice or wild rice instead of white rice. Eat grain breads instead of white breads. Try to have food cooked in olive oil. Do not have soft drink with your meal as it contains high level of sugar and carbohydrates which can easily destroy all plans you have made for your day.
  • Evening diet –
If you are big time coffee fan, you can switch over to green tea. Green tea is considered a key to all diabetic patients. It has the ability to energize your body and will help you maintain your diet for diabetes properly. A little snack is okay during evenings. Avoid eating too much and have food high in fibre instead of having fried items.
  • Final diet –
Do not have all those heavy meal for your dinner. One best way is to have little food for your dinner. Apart from that have your dinner early and at least an hour before you go off to bed. This is recommended as this will help you effectively digest the food you have taken. It takes approximately three to four hours to digest your food completely. Early dinners before 8 pm are fine if you go off to bed at 11 pm.

Some other essential tips

When on a diet for diabetes, there are certain other factors too; one may consider for effective results. Having plenty of water will solve your entire problem. For a diabetic patient it is suggested to intake almost 3-5 litres of water every day.

May start your day with having Luke warm water in high quantity. Try consuming water in regular intervals which will keep your body hydrated all the time. This will also help your skin glow and keep away other problems away as well. Some other most important things you got to avoid is consuming too much of alcoholic drinks.

Diet for diabetes will not only de hydrate your body, but have other problems as well. Do not over consume alcohol. Do not skip your breakfast and eat regular small meals up to 6 times a day instead of consuming everything at once. Instead of frying go for broil, bake or stir fry. Always avoid saturated fat from processed meats, takeout food and packaged meals. Choose raw milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter when possible.