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Monday, May 23, 2016

Diet for Diabetes - Know your Healthy Balanced Diet with Sugar

Diet for Diabetes - Know your Healthy Balanced Diet with Sugar

A diet for diabetes should be a healthy balanced diet with low sugar content. Typically, the food that contains carbohydrate must be reduced or avoided to protect from an increase in blood sugar. A person can prevent or control the diabetes level from healthy lifestyles.

How to prevent or control Diabetes?

The food contains nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You can make a diet food lists in which you will get a balanced diet every day. To prevent and control the blood sugar or cholesterol level you can lose your weight which will lower your blood sugar and blood pressure level.

The body fat metabolizes more quickly during workouts. Regular exercise is necessary to remain healthy and fit, and it is one of the ways to prevent from an increase in blood sugar. But to lose greater weight may hamper your way of living and mood. There is a high risk of developing diabetes for the people who are too fat. So you need to maintain your fitness.

What will a balanced Diet for Diabetes patient?

A normal healthy balanced diet is just good enough for diabetic patients, but the level of carbohydrates should be less. There are some myths and facts which people have to face.

  • Some say you should avoid sugar content at all costs, but the fact is that you can have a taste of sugar if you have planned your diet properly and maintained it from the very beginning.

  • You should avoid food that contains carbohydrate. But the fact is all about balanced diet because to lose weight you are already avoiding food that contains fat or to lows your blood sugar you have decreased the food items that contains carbohydrate, and then the food with proteins only will depreciate your health.

You can have carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet. Instead of avoiding them, just focus on maintaining a balanced nutrients level in every meal.

What should you change for a proper Diet for Diabetes?

The white potatoes and white rice are rich in carbohydrate content, so search for an optional food items like sweet potatoes and brown rice to replace them.

  • Food that contains high fiber should be used.

  • You can have fresh green leafy vegetable like spinach.

  • Food items rich in protein like eggs, beans.

  • Food items rich in fat like olive oil, nuts, fish oil,
The packaged and junk food items you should try to avoid from eating regularly. These items have sugar content which may become a burden to you later. You should avoid bread, cereals, pasta in your pick of diet for diabetes.

If you are the person who likes sweets to eat daily, so you need not worry about avoiding them. Instead of that, you can have them in between a time interval of one or two weeks and even more. Try to have them with your regular meals, do not eat sweets separately.

If you drink then you have to reduce it otherwise, it may have some other side-effects and diseases like kidney failure, lungs problem or cancer. The beverages also contain sugar, so you must be aware of these things.

You must avoid the processed food items like processed meat and instead of that replace them with fresh and other food items like poultry, organic meat or lean meat.

Healthy food changes the blood sugar level. You must pick those food items which will benefit you in maintaining the level of blood sugar and cholesterol in your blood. Drink more and more water. You can avoid beverages and replace it with lemon squashed in water.

Glycemic Index for your Diet for Diabetes:

The glycemic index (GI) is the measure of carbohydrate present in food that will raise the blood sugar. According to the glycemic index, you can classify the food items with high, medium and low sugar levels.

The high GI food has a high content of sugar so you must try to make use of low GI food which is having considerably less amount of glucose in it.

Perhaps choose of food items also depend on lifestyle and personal preferences, everyone has a different food menu. So if you are a diabetic patient, or know someone then choose a diet for diabetes which will help to control the blood sugar efficiently.