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Friday, May 27, 2016

Diet For Diabetes - Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Safe and Remain ActiveForever

Do you know your diet for diabetes, a healthy balanced diet? Typically, a balanced diet for diabetes is the same which a healthy person has. But the amount of sugar and carbohydrate content must be less in the diet to maintain the blood sugar level.

How to maintain your Balanced Diet for Diabetes?

Do I tell you to avoid foods that contain sugar and carbohydrate? Absolutely, no. It's not like that at all. You need to reduce the level of sugar and carbohydrate foods you take.
When you are suffering from diabetes, your body insulin is not sufficient to metabolize the sugar contents. For that, you are medicated, and sometimes insulin is also injected into the body.
You have to pick your food items that contain fat, protein and other necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals with less carbohydrate content. By doing this, you can control the level of blood sugar without any extra headaches.

How can you Prevent or Control Diabetes?

Firstly, you have to focus on your balanced diet food items. You have to make a list of balance diet food which you can pick and have without tension.
Secondly, exercises or workouts will help you to prevent and control your blood sugar level. When you do regular exercise, the body metabolism activity increases, and this will metabolize the body fat rapidly. It helps you to remain healthy, energetic, active and fit.
Thirdly, to lose your body weight will keep you healthy and far away from diabetes. It does not mean that you cut down your proper diet and try to make yourself thin. It just means that you need to be aware of your weight because the too lean and thin body will have some side-effects and it may hamper your living and mood.
These steps will control your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure in a greater amount. Beverages also contain sugar. The alcohols and other beverages should be reduced to the lower level so that your blood sugar will remain in control. You should drink more water or squashed lemon into it with added salt and enjoy your sips.

What will be your Balanced Diet for Diabetes?

As I told you earlier, you need to reduce you sugar and carbohydrate intake. That does not mean you are not able to eat them anymore for the rest of your life. You just need to control the blood sugar and cholesterol level.
Some people are fond of sweets, and many of them pick it regularly. So what you can do is that, eat sweets with your meal once or twice a month. Never take sweets separately; it may hamper your body.
If you totally avoid carbohydrates from your diet and focus only on proteins and fats, it may hamper your fitness. The rich content of sugar in the form of starch is present in white potatoes in the form of starch. So reduce the level of your intake and maintain your nutrients balance.
The white rice is also rich in carbohydrate content so you can shift to another type of rice i.e. brown rice. Similarly, you can pick sweet potatoes. The high fibrous in foods are good for your health. You can have green vegetable like spinach, other vegetables like carrot, beans, etc.
Fruits like apples, grapes, watermelons can be your pick. The junk foods, bread, cereals, pasta, are also rich in sugar and carbohydrate content, so replace them with other items like whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat bread. The processed food items like chicken, meat should replace with lean meat, poultry. You can pick an olive oil, fish oil, the food that contains fat.
You must pick these food items and create your healthy balanced diet. The best thing about picking up these foods is that anyone from your home can have it. It will not harm them because it’s a balanced food diet with all the necessary nutrients present in it. By this you can also prevent your family from diabetes, a precaution is better than cure.

What does Glycemic Index refer to Diet for Diabetes?

The glycemic index (GI) refers to the information of carbohydrate and sugar present in a particular food item. The high GI food will hike your blood sugar rapidly while the low GI food will take more time.
Through this GI information, you will be able to decide your healthy balance diet for diabetes. That means it’s such an easy process to remain healthy and fit without any tension and risk.