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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Learning to Manage your Gestational Diabetes with a Proper Diet

Learning to Manage your Gestational Diabetes with a Proper Diet

About Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes

To use a gestational diabetes diet for treatment of gestational diabetes, individuals must have a clear picture of what gestational diabetes or simply diabetes is. The term diabetes mellitus is accustomed refer to a group of diseases that are related with the metabolism in an individual which is generally accompanied by high levels of blood sugar in an individual.

Moving on to gestational diabetes mellitus, it usually refers to a condition wherein a woman who hasn’t been diagnosed with diabetes previously all of a sudden has high levels of blood sugar during her pregnancy. This form of diabetes is just as serious as any other form irrespective of the fact that it lasts for shorts intervals. This is what call for a gestational diabetes diet!

What do you understand by a Gestational Diabetes Diet?

When diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a woman is not only concerned about her health but at the same time she is also concerned about the health of her child as gestational diabetes may lead to several problems in a child if left untreated.

A gestational diabetes diet is nothing but a healthy diet often referred to as a balanced diet in several books. It must comprise of a lot of proteins and vitamins as these are not only important nutrients for your body but at the same time, these are essential for the proper growth of your child inside your womb. Such a diet must also cut down on the amount of sugar that is being consumed. The diet must also comprise of a low concentration of sodium and carbohydrates.

The causes of Gestational Diabetes

At the time of pregnancy, the fetus receives the required amount of nutrients through the placenta. In addition to this, the placenta has several other roles to play. This includes secretion of hormones such as human placental lactogen, estrogen and cortisol. These hormones are essential as they preserve the pregnancy of a woman.

Gestational diabetes occurs in the event that the hormones secreted by the placenta interfere with the insulin secreted by the pancreas and in turn the absorption power of the cells. This interference that usually results between twenty and twenty four weeks of pregnancy is often referred to as the contra insulin effect. The major disadvantage of gestational diabetes is that the tolerance towards insulin increases with the number of days of pregnancy. It is imperative for women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes to follow a decent gestational diabetes diet from the point they have been diagnose so as to avoid any sort of problems in future.


Listed below are some of the major gestational diabetes diet tips:
  • Such diets must comprise of a lot of fruits and vegetables so as to incorporate roughage into the diet of an individual.

  • These sort of diets must be free from any sort of fatty food items.

  • Having small amounts of cereals, crackers or pretzels for breakfast may help in the event that an individual develops morning sickness.

  • Meals or snacks must not be skipped at any cost as it may cause drastic fluctuations in the blood sugar level which isn’t a good thing to face at the time of pregnancy.

  • Diabetic patients must consume snacks / meals on a regular basis, i.e. the meals must be distributed throughout the day with small intervals in between.

  • Monitoring the consumption of carbohydrates is perhaps the most important thing to do as carbohydrates affect the blood sugar levels in your body by a great deal. The consumption of complex carbohydrates in vegetables is preferred over normal consumption of carbohydrates as it decomposes slowly. Thus regulating the blood sugar levels.

  • A proper diet to deal with gestational diabetes must comprise of a lot of water, about 64 ounces to be precise for an ordinary individual.

  • Last but not the least, a woman diagnosed with gestational diabetes must not play around with her diet as it may cause certain serious impacts. Instead, she must approach a nutritionist or a doctor and ask him or her to prescribe a gestational diabetes diet for her.

Well, that was all the word limit permitted, to find out more about gestational diabetes and proper diet plans to deal with such situations, browse the internet.