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Monday, March 21, 2016

Trying Gestational Diabetes Diet is a Boon to Expecting Mothers

Trying Gestational Diabetes Diet is a Boon to Expecting Mothers

When a would-be mother starts changing her eating regime into a gestational diabetes diet, then she must do it gradually. Completely cutting down on fat and carbohydrate in a jiffy can take a toll on the baby’s health. In a gradual manner the amount of sugar, fat or salt should be reduced. The portion size should be kept in check. Radical changes are not at all needed. Healthier diet is what one should target for. Cheating on one’s diet can be done but it should be kept on the minimal side.

Foods to focus on

Following are some food charts that can make a pregnant lady understand what can be eaten during those days.

Foods that can be taken during breakfast as per one of the gestational diabetes diet:

  • One bowl of porridge or any wholegrain cereal can be eaten with skimmed milk.

  • Two slices of toast made of wholegrain accompanied with small amount of jam or spread can also be taken for breakfast.

  • One fruit and low fat yogurt can be complemented with the above foods.

Foods that can be eaten during lunch

  • One small bowl of whole-wheat pasta.

  • One ham or chicken salad sandwich.

  • Soup containing loads of colored vegetables followed by wholegrain roll.

Foods that can eaten during dinner

  • Salmon or sardine, a good fish that contains high amount of good cholesterol and omega 3-fatty acid.

  • Roasted chicken with lots of green vegetables.

  • Salad and lasagna.

Snacking in between meals

A good healthcare expert or dietician can recommend a healthy gestational diabetes diet. Snacks should be taken in between meals only if the lady is extremely hungry. Tracking the amount of food portion is a very crucial work this time. Maintain a healthy weight for both the mother and baby is necessary. So, regular snaking should be avoided. A good plan for having snacks at the right time will help in keeping the track. Healthy snacks like nuts, avocados, boiled vegetables, low fat hummus, low calorie yogurt or small portions of fruits. Staying away from fizzy drinks, desserts, sweets are strictly recommended.

Foods that should be avoided during pregnancy

The insulin production in her body fluctuates not like a normal diabetic person. So, while consuming any food containing the label of “right for diabetic” must also be treated with caution. Laxative effect is one of the outcomes of these foods. While following a gestational diabetes diet, the would-be mother must be extra cautious. One should keep away from certain cheese, uncooked meat, unpasteurized milk, raw eggs and liver. Fish is extremely beneficial for any pregnant women.

But while consuming fishes certain things must be kept in the mind. Minimum two regular portions of around 140g per meal per week are good for both the baby and the mother. But fish like swordfish, marlin, tuna etc. Which contains high mercury level should be shunned. Even raw shellfish must be avoided as it increases the chances of acidity and food poisoning. This makes the pregnancy unpleasant.

Alcohol is another such thing which a would-be mother should avoid. It increases the chances of miscarriage, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Added sugars are also highly risky for expecting mothers. It drastically increases the sugar level in the blood. Instead artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame K, Aspartame can be used in food as per gestational diabetes diet.

Future care

Gestational diabetes goes away once the baby comes out of the womb. But a mother is likely to get this condition again in subsequent pregnancies. There is also an increased chance of acquiring Type II diabetes in future. Having a healthy lifestyle will lead to ward off any complications be it prenatal or post-natal. Managing the weight, proper food and right exercise will definitely make one lead a vigorous lifestyle. Saturated fat, salt and sugar intake should be kept highly in control.

Having lots of water and fresh fruit juices will not only give the mother the required strength, but will also keep her skin glowing and youthful. Caring for the baby is a something very stressful but this should not make a mother skip her breakfast as plays a crucial role in maintaining the blood glucose level in the body. The gestational diabetes diet can also be followed after the pregnancy period, but with a lesser strictness.