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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tips to Get the Best Results from a Gestational Diabetes Diet

Tips to Get the Best Results from a Gestational Diabetes Diet

The first question addressed here is what gestational diabetes is and is it going to stay forever. Gestational diabetes is the diabetic condition which is suffered by pregnant women. It is likely to disappear as soon as your baby is born. It is not that uncommon and is nothing to worry about. About 7 percent of the women are affected by this diabetic condition when they become pregnant. Even though it is not something too serious there might be complications which can be caused by it if proper care is not taken at the outset.


The following tips will state in simple terms what the best gestational diabetes diet is to follow:

  • Importance of breakfast

Something is often ignored is the importance of breakfast, as a victim of gestational diabetes do not make the mistake of skipping this meal. It can be crucial in maintain the blood sugar levels. The best breakfast plan would be one with a balance of starch and proteins. If having a proper meal for breakfast is not possible then try to have a bowl of cereal or fruits.

  • Avoid the consumption of fruit juice

It might be a good way to raise your blood sugar levels but it increases the level too much too quickly. This makes juice to be best avoided in the gestational diabetes diet. The Fruit juices do use up a lot of fruits and this means higher levels of blood sugar production which needs to be avoided in order to ensure a balanced level of glucose in the body.

  • Distribute your food intake between 3 major meals and one or two snacks everyday

It is not just important to consume glucose containing food it is more important to space out that food intake in such a way that neither is there a rampant overdose of sugar or an excessive lack of sugar or glucose in the body. If you maintain this then most of your problems will be solved and there will be guaranteed improvement in your health.

  • Stay away from deserts and all sweet items

It is true that the sweets and the deserts do have sugar in them which might help in raising glucose levels but they have high amounts of fat. The ratio between fats and nutrition is not good enough to be suggested in the gestational diabetes diet. Moreover these items will not really contribute to your health and facilitate in your pregnancy.

  • Do not add sugar

It is completely unnecessary and regressive to add sugar to your food simply to raise glucose count in your body. Avoid adding syrup, honey or any other sweet product in hopes that it will raise glucose in your body. It will actually work against it and may have severe fallbacks.

  • Investigate food items which claim to be sugar free

Before entering any item in your gestational diabetes diet be very careful to check and read the contents of the food item. Many times these products can turn out to be sugar alcohols. For those who are unaware sugar alcohols cause unnecessary and unwanted bloating and cause gas. This is not at all desirable for a pregnant mother.

Some examples of these sugar alcohols are sorbital, maltitol, xylitol, isomalt, mannitol and other hydrogenated starch hydrolysate. It must be mentioned here that there is no reason to be dishearten because of the products like diet soda are really sugar free and facilitate controlling blood sugar levels.

  • Limit yourself to one glass of milk

Milk is a product which contains all the essential elements required to maintain a healthy gestational diabetes diet however since milk has a good amount of starch having more than one glass can really cause high production of glucose leading to an eventual imbalance of blood sugar levels which is not a desirable phenomenon.

  • Maintain starch levels and keep a record of your food intake

Finally the amount of starch you consume needs to be monitored and to do so it is important to keep a record. The ideal amount of starch one must consume is one bowl of starch or two pieces of bread. This is more than enough to facilitate proper functioning and maintaining a healthy gestational diabetes diet.