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Friday, March 25, 2016

Things to be Avoided in Your Chart of Diet for Diabetes

Things to be Avoided in Your Chart of Diet for Diabetes

Eating habits of a diabetic person must be healthy and lively. Healthy diet for diabetes is not boring. Rather, it becomes a bit monotonous. Eating the same meal at the same time for years is not easy. But those who manage to do that, live a healthy and happy life which helps to keep everything balanced. The foods which are rich in saturated fat, sodium, calories or carbohydrates are not healthy at all, so everyone should avoid them.

High amount of cholesterol and sodium can lead to various types of heart diseases, while the excess sugars can cause weight gain and uncontrollable blood sugar level. Here are some specific foods; one shouldn’t include it in their diet for controlling diabetes.

Foods that you must avoid:

First position is occupied by Nachos, a worldwide quick appetizer that contain lots of calories, carbs and fat. A regular order contains 830 calories, 60 g fat and 40 g of carbs. In the diet for diabetes next come sweet and salty biscuits followed by sausage gravy. This is a kind of traditional breakfast habit which is super high in calories, fat and sodium.

Fish has always been a safe option for diabetic and fat people. This type of food helps in managing both. The preparation method of any food plays a vital role in changing the blood glucose level of one’s body. There are adverse effects on health if one acquires diabetes. To stay in control, one should always avoid deep fried, hush puppies and coleslaw. A fish platter with two deep fried fish fillets and slaw can put inside more than 1000 calories and 3000 plus sodium content in a human body.

There are very few options left, when it comes to outside food. This is because a diabetic person cannot have frozen food. They are rich in sodium and fat which make them unhealthy choices and strictly no in any diet for diabetes. Pizzas, donuts, fried chickens and many more are of the same kind so it’s better to keep a safe distance from them.

Now comes the tasty and juicy chicken served in the Chinese dishes everywhere but not China, because studies says that Chinese dish within China is way more healthier than the same dish prepared outside as the main focus is on taste enhancing. These food shoot up the glucose level and the body’s already inefficient insulin cannot combat this pressure.

What to drink and what not to:

While one is in a diet coffee acts as a refreshing beverage with little milk and sugar. But when the creamy desserts with a coffee base and chocolate chips are served, it can cause severe consequences. Even using sugar is not at all recommended.