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Monday, March 28, 2016

Solution to Your Gestational Diabetes Diet

Solution to Your Gestational Diabetes Diet

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a condition of body where, woman during pregnancy are diagnosed with diabetes without having any previous records of diabetes. This becomes a very vital point of time for both the mother as well as baby and there are lot of things needed to be taken care of at that point of time. One’s food habits are largely to be changed and a big question comes into mind is; what to eat and what not to.

A simple chain of steps when followed with a very easy to maintain gestation diabetes diet will help you very well to fight with all associated problems and keep you as well as your new born healthy.

What are the key things to avoid during this period?

Some basic food items to avoid is, food enriched with too much of carbohydrates. Ne has to balance amount of carbohydrate taken in throughout the day. Other than that, also avoid eating fried items and food containing fat. There are some particular things too worth mentioning which you always got to keep in you’re ignore list while maintaining gestation diabetes diet:

  • Avoid fish which has a high level of mercury in it like the swordfish, shark and marlin. Also avoid raw shellfish which tends to risk of food poisoning.

  • Avoid anything which is fried. Use olive oil for your food rather.

  • Consuming alcohol has to be a big no if you are pregnant. Whether you are diabetic or not, consumption of alcohol during this period is not at all suggested.

  • Avoid eating sweets and chocolates. Dark chocolate at given intervals is something which you can have as a delight.

  • It is not advisable to eat food rich in fat and carbohydrates. Try to keep your food light and healthy.

Maintaining an accurate Gestation Diabetes Diet

What to eat is another question that comes to your mind after going through a big list of all that you can avoid during this period. A proper food plan along with healthy diet chart can act helpful to you as well as your baby. Some important points can be considered for maintaining an amazing health.

  • Breakfast diet
You may have a bowl of wholegrain cereals, like porridge with semi-skimmed milk, or 2 slices of whole grain toast with jam or spread or yoghurt and fruits.

  • Lunch diet
Lunch has to be very healthy for your gestation diabetic diet. You can have a ham salad sandwich or chicken soup containing or a small pasta salad or lots of pulses and vegetables with a wholegrain roll. Keep your lunch rich in proteins and nutrients, Avoid eating anything fried or sweet. Do not intake anything like soft drinks with your lunch.

  • Dinner diet
Dinner should be the lightest meal you take. May have lasagna and salad for your dinner or roast chicken with vegetables and potatoes, basmati rice and vegetables, salad and chicken tortillas, salmon and noodles, curry and basmati rice. These are some of the options you have for having a perfect gestation diabetic diet for your dinner.

Some other concerns and facts to be known and maintained

  • During gestation diabetes, it is often recommended by doctors to have some light physical exercise. Avoid too much of physical activity which may have some other evil consequences. But it is suggested to have little bit of physical exercises which will help keep your body free and flexible. One has to digest the food which becomes slower without any sort of physical activity. Therefore, some exercise is very important along with maintaining a proper gestation diabetic diet.

  • Drinking lots of water is also recommended not only to diabetic people but any pregnant woman. It is suggested to consume about 3-5 Litres of water every day. Important property of water to flush out all harsh substances from your body keeps your digestive system proper and helps you fight with all other diseases as well.

Going through regular tests

One must regularly check the level of blood sugar to diagnose problems. Frequent tests help you detect problems and also let you know what exactly is causing you more trouble. Avoid eating what is problem making for you and increasing your blood sugar level constantly.