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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gestational Diabetic Diet Plan and some Easy Steps

Gestational Diabetic Diet Plan and some Easy Steps

Briefing of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is diagnosis of diabetes in a pregnant woman’s body that has earlier not experienced any signs of diabetes. There are many consequences to be faced with this diabetic problems and a lot of things are to be taken care of. First and foremost factor to be considered is the diet habit. Having a proper diet will always help one from avoiding most of the issues related to it. However, there are other factors which have to be considered for a perfect health as well as baby.

Gestation is a key period of a woman and one has to go through a lot of pain and other associated problems. A simple and easy gestation diabetic diet chart will take care of half of the problems if followed wisely.

Major questions in mind

  • What does a perfect diet mean?
A perfect diet for a diabetic patient is nothing but food rich in protein and other essential nutrients and low in fat and carbohydrates. Proper diet as mentioned is not a difficult task. You just have to be particular with the food you eat.

  • What all items are to be avoided?
To be very particular on this, there are not much items to be put in ignore list when you have gestation diabetes. But then, you need to plan your food and excess taking of some food will not have good results. There are some items which you should avoid like food rich in carbohydrates, sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, alcohol, fried items etc. But then a little bit of anything with proper planning will not have much effect. However, these are something you get to avoid on a regular basis.

  • What should one eat?
Having a balanced diet is very important for proper gestational diabetic diet. Level of carbohydrates should be well distributed in your food for all day along food habits. Have something rich in proteins and other nutrients will enrich your body and health. Try to have more of vegetables and dairy products.

A proper diet chart for Diabetes

Balance is a very important point to be considered while going through gestational diabetic diet. A lot of women are still consumed on what exactly to eat and what not to. Thus a proper diet chart for breakfast, lunch as well dinner can help you out and solve a major issue.


Healthy breakfast is very important. Avoid eating anything fried during mornings. You can have wholegrain toasts with spread or jam for your breakfast. Other options include a bowl of wholegrain cereals or porridge with semi-skimmed milk, yogurt and fruits. You can also have fruit juice. Do not drink coffee for.


There are a lot of options available for having a proper lunch. It is not advisable to have too much of food which is the usual habit one has. Try to cut short your meal. You may have a chicken or ham salad sandwich or a small pasta salad or soup containing lots of vegetables and pulses or a wholegrain roll. You got to have a lot of protein and nutrient for maintaining a balanced diet.


It is recommended to have your dinner early. It is advised to have your dinner before 8 pm, or at least 3 hours before going off to bed. This time helps you digest the food properly and keeps your stomach clean. Options available for dinner are lasagna and salad or roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables or vegetables and basmati rice or chicken tortillas and salad or salmon and noodles. There are other options available a well for your gestational diabetic diet. Just remember, you should not eat food rich in carbohydrates and fat and avoid eating fried food.

Other major points to be noted during Gestation

Gestation is a tough period for most women and diabetes during this period gets things tougher. There are a lot of things to be taken care of during this period other than maintaining a gestation diabetic diet. A little bit of physical exercise is suggested but not too heavy exercise or physical activity. It is also advised to drink lot of water around 3-5 liters per day and say no to alcohol.