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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery with Gestational Diabetes Diet

Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery with Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational diabetes is the third form of diabetes which occurs to women during the pregnancy. The high level of blood sugar is due to the poor production of insulin in the body. The inadequate making of insulin is mainly due to the changing hormone levels during pregnancy. This diabetes usually goes away after the birth of the child. A gestational diabetes diet and regular exercise can also keep the blood sugar level under control during and after pregnancy.

Eating well is very crucial during pregnancy and choosing the right food is also important if you have gestational diabetes. Maintaining your gestational diabetes diet and doing regular moderate physical exercises can bring your blood glucose level under control. That is, there is no need for medication as the insulin production will be normal after the birth of the child.


This type of diabetes occurs due to inappropriate production of insulin which is caused due to pregnancy-related factors like the presence of the human placental lactogen that interferes with insulin receptors. It has few symptoms and the blood sugar levels eventually come to normal after the birth of the child. But untreated diabetes during pregnancy can cause serious problems like low blood sugar, jaundice which can affect the baby as well.

The gestational diabetes diet is the first step for management of gestational diabetes. An expert dietitian can help you to have a healthy yet balanced diet hence healthy delivery of your child. Though the symptoms of this type of diabetes are few but treatment is highly crucial or else the result can be fatal both to the mother and child.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is very crucial especially during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you must not concentrate on losing weight rather your gestational diabetes diet should contain healthy and nutritious food items. Women, who consume high-fat animal proteins, as well as food items with high cholesterol before pregnancy, have a high chance of having gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Few healthy eating plans are:

  • Managing blood sugar levels:

You should always check your blood glucose level as advised by your doctor during your pregnancy. To maintain it you can eat snacks throughout the day instead of having a fixed meal time.

  • Get adequate nutrition:

You should provide enough nutrition to the growing baby without the intake of excess fats. You should choose simple carbohydrates over complex ones as the simple ones are easy to breakdown by the body. And include lots of fruits and veggies in your diet.

  • Achieving appropriate weight:

By avoiding high-fat dairy products and animal proteins you can avoid getting overweight and achieve the appropriate weight during pregnancy. You should opt for lean protein products and low-fat or fat-free food items over fatty ones.

Regular exercise

Apart from following the gestational diabetes diet to prevent gestational diabetes during pregnancy or during its treatment you should make a habit of exercising regularly. It involves the wellness of you as well as your baby before, during, and after the pregnancy. Exercising regularly helps the excess glucose build-up in your body to get used up for energy. It also increases cell’s sensitivity to insulin thus producing an adequate amount of insulin for sugar transport.

Regular exercise can also have an additional effect during the pregnancy, that is, it can reduce back pain, muscle cramps, trouble sleeping, swellings, etc. It can help you get the right weight and shape which is helpful for the delivery of your baby.


Having a healthy lifestyle is always very important and it is most important before or during pregnancy for the sake of your baby as well as yourself. Diagnosis and counseling before pregnancy can help you avoid a rise in blood sugar level and thus lead a fit life. Following a gestational diabetes diet with regular exercise can reduce your excess weight before the pregnancy in order to offer you with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Monitoring your blood glucose level along with following the gestational diabetes diet as advised by your doctor is crucial not only for the proper delivery of your baby but also to maintain the sugar level in future. Apart from the diet, most women are also prescribed with oral medications and in rare cases with injectable insulin to reach the right blood sugar level.