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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why Gestational Diabetes Diet Should be Consumed by Pregnant Woman

Why Gestational Diabetes Diet Should be Consumed by Pregnant Woman

Why Diabetes occurs in human body

When human consume some food, it starts breaking down into smaller parts as the process of digestion start in the mouth only. When food reaches the stomach, food had already broken down into smaller parts. It causes an upsurge in glucose level in the blood. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to control sugar level in the blood. If there is some problem because of which insulin hormone is either secreted in little amount or not secreted at all. It will result in an increase in glucose level in the blood. This scenario is called diabetes.

Origin of Gestational Diabetes

The presence of human placental lactogenic intervenes insulin receptors to work. This causes gestational diabetes in a pregnant woman. Some suffer from this problem after pregnancy also. It generally occurs between 24 to 28 week of pregnancy.

When to consult a doctor?

If you are fatty or have a problem related to blood pressure, before planning for delivery, you should consult a doctor.

Types of Gestational Diabetes

It is categorized into two scenarios:

  1. During pregnancy

Type A1 – glucose level is normal during fasting and after a meal. It can be improved by following proper gestational diabetes diet.

Type A2 – glucose level is not normal during fasting and after a meal. Additional insulin needs to be injected apart from maintaining gestational diabetes diet.
  1. Prior to pregnancy
Type B – it occurs at the age of 20 or older.

Type C – it occurs when person’s age varies between 10 to 19

Type D – it occurs when person’s age is less than 10 years

Type E – overt diabetes mellitus with calcified pelvic vessels

Type F – diabetic nephropathy

Type R – proliferative retinopathy

Type RF – retinopathy and nephropathy

Type H – ischemic heart disease

Type T – prior kidney transplant

Preventing measure from Gestational Diabetes Diet

According to review, a woman needs to do regular exercise, walk or swim, if they want to avoid this disease. It is essential for healthy pregnancy.

How to manage to overcome Gestational Diabetes Disease

It can be managed by following ways:

  1. Counselling – Counselling a doctor before planning a baby is essential.

  1. Gestational diabetes diet You do not have to opt for any special diet change. You just need to select proper food items to be consumed and when to consume it. Diet control is an essential thing. The main aim of managing this disease is to manage your sugar level in the blood. The kind of food you eat plays a very important role to fight against this disease. To fight against this disease, you should choose following food items:
  • Consume food that contains low carbohydrate

  • Choose starchy carbohydrate

  • Try to divide intake of carbohydrate as many times as possible

  • Avoid food that is rich in fat content

  • If you are suffering from this diabetes, it is essential to take snacks between meals.

  • Choose food which has low glucose secretion tendency
Proper gestational diabetes diet chart should be followed. One such diet chart is as follows:

  • For lunch, these are following options

    • Non-veg salad or sandwich

    • Pasta salad

    • Soup

    • Wholegrain

  • For breakfast, these are some following options

    • Eat porridge with skimmed milk

    • Whole grain bread spread with jam

    • Yogurt

    • Fruits

  • For dinner, these are following options

    • Salad

    • Roasted chicken

    • Potato

    • Vegetables

    • Rice

    • Noodles

    • Curry
It helps in

  1. Reducing fat content in the body

  2. Reducing sugar content in the blood of human body

  3. Regulate salt content in the human body

  4. Having fewer complications during pregnancy

What precaution should be taken while consuming Gestational Diabetes Diet?

  1. Always eat your breakfast

  2. Chose a variety of Food to consume during the daytime

  3. Eat food which is rich in fiber

  4. Add a variety of fruits and salad in your meal

  5. Try to use unsaturated fat like olive oil and sunflower oil for cooking

  6. Use olive oil in salad

  7. Try to consume more grill food then food which is fried

  8. Consume nuts and seeds

  9. Eat more fish then red meat

  10. Do not skip any meal for reducing your body weight

  11. Try sugar substitutes