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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mediterranean Diet: A Healthy Diet for Diabetes Patient

Mediterranean Diet: A Healthy Diet for Diabetes Patient

If you are looking for food which will give you flavor but at the same time, it will not harm your body then the solution for your quest in Mediterranean food. It is not only healthy but also give a flavor of olive oil and red wine.

What are Mediterranean food and its ingredient?

Mediterranean food and its ingredient

It is the characteristic style of cooking in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean diet is inspired by diet followed by ancient Greece, Italy and Spain peoples to improve their diet. The main constituent of this diet are:
  1. Olive oil – Olive oil is good for skin. It moisturizes the skin. It also helps skin to protect from germs and bacteria. Olive oil is used for massaging infant and teenagers. When olive oil is mixed with other edible oil and used for cooking, it helps to reduce fat in the body. So it directly helps in reducing cholesterol and chances of heart attack. diet for diabetes patient, it is important to reduce fat. So it helps for people suffering from diabetics.
  2.  Legumes – Legumes are known for its nutrition values. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate, fiber and minerals. It contains little fat. So it helps in lowering cholesterol level and losing extra fat in the body. Thus, diet for diabetes help the patient in improving their health without changing their diet habits.
  1. Whole food – Whole food is a food that does not contain additional salt or carbohydrate in the food which is used for processing the food. Unpolished grain is an example. They are rich in nutrients and fiber which is essential for improving digestive system of the body. They also contain a substance which acts as natural antibodies.
  1. Fruits are highly rich in vitamins and fiber. It also contains water which is important for improving metabolism of the body. It also contains many ingredients which help in the protection of the human body from many diseases. Fiber helps in improving metabolism which makes it important to include in the diet for diabetes.
  1. Vegetables – Vegetables are consumed by a human being from ancient times. It is one of the most important edible consumed by them. Earlier vegetables are gathered by gatherers and then they started cultivating it. It can be consumed either raw or after cooking it. They are a rich source of nutrition and vitamins. They consist of low fat and calories, so when consumed it fill the stomach properly and help in metabolism as it is rich in fiber without increasing body weight and extra calories. So its regular consumption helps people to reduce their body fat. According to USDA recommendation, vegetables and fruits should be consumed daily on a regular basis. All these qualities make it an ideal diet for diabetes.
  1. Fish – Fish is rich in nutrients that you miss in the daily diet which makes it very important to include it in your daily diet. Especially it should be added to the diet for diabetes patient as controlling the amount of sugar in their body is a top priority of every dietitian.
  1. Dairy product – Especially cheese and yogurt should be added to the diet. Cheese has many health benefits. It is used for cooking food since ancient era. It contains many nutrients and vitamins. Calcium is something that your daily diet almost misses. It is rich in calcium and it lack lactose content. Controlling sugar content in the body is important for diabetes patient. Lactose is also a type of sugar. Yogurt consumption is better than curd.
  1. Red wine – Moderate wine consumption is good for health as it help in losing fat from the body. So it helps in controlling sugar content of the body and helps in reducing chances of heart attack.

Relation of Mediterranean food and diabetes

For a diabetes patient, it is important to control their sugar content in the blood as well as their body fat. Mediterranean food is a good option to include in the diet for diabetes patient.
Controlling body fat is an important part of care for a patient suffering from diabetes. It helps in lowering sugar level in blood, controlling blood pressure, cholesterol level in blood and thus reducing chances of heart attack or blockage of arteries. The dietitian also prefers it as a good health plan.