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Monday, February 29, 2016

Looking for the Best Guide to Gestational Diabetes Diet?

Looking for the Best Guide to Gestational Diabetes Diet?

Here is how you can find it:

Before delving into the topic it is crucial to understand the subject being studied. Gestational diabetes can be simply defined as the diabetes which is acquired on pregnancy. It is seen in about 7 percent of the women who get pregnant. It is a unique condition which recedes soon after your baby will be born. However what should be remembered is that without proper treatment and following good gestational diabetes diet pregnant mothers can be subject to several complications.

Simple Techniques

Diabetes patients basically require maintaining their blood sugar levels. In order to do this many techniques can be adopted the best and perhaps simplest way to do so will be following a diet which is heavy in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates facilitate the production of glucose which in turn gives the body energy to carry on its daily processes.


As mentioned clearly above every basic gestational diabetes diet must contain carbohydrates in large amounts. For those who are not sure which food items are rich in carbohydrates the list below will help you understand the items you must include in your diet.
  • Fruits and juices made of fruits – try to consume natural juices.

  • Milk and all milk products including yogurt.

  • Dried beans , lentils, sweet pea.

  • Pasta, cereals, rice and mostly all sorts and variety of grains.

  • Crackers, tortilla, bread, bagels and even rolls.

  • Sweet items which can include deserts, sugar, syrups, honey, pastries, candy, cookies and even soda.

  • Winter squash, peas, corn , yam and potatoes.


A Carbohydrate which constitutes the bulk of the gestational diabetes diet are of two types, they are:
  • Starch or complex carbohydrates.

  • Sugar products or simple carbohydrates.
The myth or common belief is that complex carbohydrates are the ones truly good for those suffering from the gestational diabetes and the simple carbohydrates do not produce good results. This conclusion may not necessarily be comprehensive because sugar is naturally found in fruits and consumption of fruits is both natural and healthy. Therefore dismissing simple carbohydrates is a mistake you do not want to make as a pregnant mother with diabetes.


It cannot be denied that the carbohydrates are truly essential in the gestational diabetes diet but some points need to be remembered while doing so:

  • Try to opt for those carbohydrates which have a high amount of the fiber in them. The reason for this is that as a pregnant mother you need fiber to help in your digestion. The intake of multigrain products can help your cause.

  • Do not overdose on sugar because even though sugar is important to produce glucose excessive glucose production can lead to harmful or rather undesirable effects in your bodily functions. Strike the right balance where you have produced the right amount of glucose and not too much.

  • Do not stick to one carbohydrate while pursuing your gestational diabetes diet, experiment and consume different varieties of carbohydrates as it will keep your taste palate fresh and it will help you refrain from monotony and ensure better results.

Glycaemic Index ( GI )

This word denotes the rate at which a sugar or the glucose is released from the food item consumed and mixes in our blood stream. The lower the glycaemic index the better it is for your body. While planning your gestational diabetes diet make sure you to take those products with low GI because it takes longer for these items to break down and the glucose is released more slowly into ones blood stream. This allows the body to adjust better to these food items and also to yield better results. Research has shown better effects on consumption of food which has a low GI.

Just to encapsulate the topic it is important to understand those products which will actually produce better results when included in the gestational diabetes diet will produce desirable results. They are items like pasta made from durum wheat flour; under fruits you could consume baked potatoes, apples, oranges, pears, peaches. Under vegetables you could always have lentils and beans.

Eating porridge, cornflakes, white rice, bread and even sweet corn can produce desirable results for those who are patients of gestational diabetes and seek to avoid complications due to this condition.