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Thursday, November 1, 2018

How to Improve Your Diet for Diabetes?

How to Improve Your Diet for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition of the pancreas. Your body stops producing an enzyme called insulin. What the insulin is, is a chemical that breaks down the sugar in your body contained in the food you eat. This converted sugar goes to the cells thereby giving them energy to function properly when you’re not consuming food.

When this insulin is produced in too little quantity or not at all the sugar doesn’t get broken down therefore it doesn’t reach the cells and you’re left with very little energy. You could end up feeling very weak, dizzy and tired all the time.

Diet for diabetes, the problem of sugar cannot be solved by not consuming sugar, in fact it can simply be eliminated by adding a few ingredients in your daily meals. Let’s now take a look at them.

  • An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes?

This fruit is very rich in fibre and is known to keep cholesterol levels down. Doctors have now discovered that it is very helpful for diabetic patients too. It lowers the risk of contracting or increasing existing diabetes by about 23%. A small apple or two, five or six times a week is advised. You can even have one big apple that equals two servings of a fruit bowl.

  • The Tasty Asparagus

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

It is famous for its anti-aging ability and is of course very delicious while keeping fats at bay (unlike all the junk food you love for its taste). Asparagus is very essential in keeping diet for diabetes in check. The fibre and other nutrients present in this food item keep blood sugar low. Moreover, it is known to produce insulin and what’s better than that for you?

  • Your Favorite Dip Ingredient - Avocado

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

Avocados which are essentially fruits but because of their fat content they are included in the list of veggies. You must’ve heard that fats are a big no no for your body, but not avocados. They are high in natural fats and fibres. For diabetic patients avocados are a good news. They help control blood sugar level.

  • Beans, Beans The Magical Fruit

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists suggest people worldwide to make beans the hero of their dish once every week. They improve the fibre levels in our bodies and increase the protein content. Apart from this medical science says that beans can successfully and substantially reduce blood sugar content thereby keeping diet for diabetes at bay,

  • Blue from the night sky, a jam for your toast- Blueberry

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

These berries get their colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanins. Such antioxidants and especially this one lower the risk of developing type 2 diet for diabetes by a great margin. Two to three servings of blueberries every week are known to help you reduce blood sugar levels such that they cause no harm.

  • The tree like veggie- Broccoli

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

It ranks first in the list of most disliked vegetables for most kids but broccoli is very important for our health. It promotes healthy vision, teeth, bones, skin and improves absorption of vitamins C and A. Apart from this research says that broccoli is very important to keep blood sugar levels in control and even avoid any cardiac illness.

  • Your eyes’ best friends- Carrots

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

These vegetables high in beta carotene are a very important vitamin A source for your body. They not only improve vision, for which they are so famous, but also improve the immune system. Recently studies have shown that carrots are known to protect you from developing type 2 diet for diabetes.

  • Not for holiday dinners anymore- Cranberries

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

Cranberries aren’t just to go with the turkey roast dinner anymore. They contain certain antioxidants that give them the rich, plump texture. They include anthocyanins just like blueberries. Cranberries can reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases, maintains cholesterol and keeps blood sugar levels in check.

  • The vegetable bulb- Garlic

Improve Your Diet for Diabetes

This vegetable has numerous flavouring as well as medicinal qualities. It is used worldwide to flavour dishes. Garlic is used for keep heart diseases away, reduce blood pressure and even cancer. Garlic consumption reduces cholesterol and strokes. Most importantly it reduces diabetic problems.
If you include these things and many more in your daily diet, your diet for diabetes will surely stay under control and your life will be healthy and stress free.