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Monday, February 15, 2016

Diet for Diabetes that Helps You Live a Better Life

Diet for Diabetes that Helps You Live a Better Life

Every living thing ever created is a complex mechanism. It can sustain itself and it can heal itself. Look at plants, trees, animals and insects around you, they’re bodies function in a manner that they can look after themselves. It is the same for human beings. Humans are a combination of numerous complex mechanisms that keep it alive and healthy.

The brain, a body’s main control centre keeps everything in check, heart keeps the blood pumping, lungs keep the air clean among other things. One such organ in our body, vital for good health is pancreas.

Why is pancreas important?

This organ performs two main functions. One is when food enters the stomach, it releases certain enzymes or chemicals that break the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body releasing it in the bloodstream. The second function is monitoring the release of two enzymes insulin and glucagon. The former lowers blood sugar and latter increases it. This level can severely affect the brain, liver or kidneys if misbalanced.

Knowing insulin better

It is a chemical released by the pancreas that keep blood sugar in check. When food enters your body, especially carbohydrates, insulin breaks it down to absorb all the sugar in it. This processed sugar is sent to cells to be used as energy in between meals or at night. When insulin stops working the sugar doesn’t reach the cells in your body. You could feel dizziness and nausea among other symptoms. An important result of insulin not being produced by the body could be Diet for diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

When the body stops producing insulin, or produces it at critically low levels and the sugar doesn’t get converted, blood sugar increases or decreases. In some cases, the immunity cells mistakenly assume the pancreas itself to be an enemy organ and tries destroying it. Medical science hasn’t found substantial proof as to why this happens.

Another type of diabetes occurs when the body is producing insulin but for some reason the other cells are constantly rejecting it. In both cases it has to be artificially introduced in the body, either through pills or in extreme cases, injections.

How does Diet for diabetes affect the body?

Caused due to the presence of little or no insulin in the body, diabetes can lead to a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis. This condition can be caused due to high blood sugar leading to extreme thirst and fatigue.

It can also affect the kidney and its ability to filter waste product from the body. This in turn generates high toxic levels and could cause severe and permanent damage to the kidney.

There is one severe condition occurring in type 2 diabetes called HSS that occurs usually when diabetes goes unchecked. This can cause heart attacks, strokes or infections.

Diet for diabetes also keeps your stomach from getting completely empty. This means you feel hungry but there is food that hasn’t been broken down in your stomach. This causes nausea, vomiting, heartburn among other things.

Diabetes affects the breaking down of fats in your body. It leads to a creation of fatty deposits in blood vessels thickening them. When blood vessels thicken blood passage becomes difficult and this causes loss of heat and sensation in body parts especially limbs.

Diabetes even affects your skin. It either causes lack of moisture which can make the skin dry and crack. Or it can cause fungal infections from where is water or moisture on your skin.

As you can see, Diet for diabetes is a condition that works in extremes and it needs immense care to be controlled for as long as one lives.

A Good Diet for Diabetes Diet

If you are a diabetic patient, you don’t have to subject yourself to eating food without sugar. All you have to do is watch your diet and replace your daily ingredients with food that has high fibre, such as brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, rolled oats, leafy greens etc. All these food items improve the body’s capacity to break down food items and have sugar that can be digested with ease.

Diet for diabetes is not a life threatening disease if kept in check and this can be done with a good diet if you don’t want to consume medicines.