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Monday, February 15, 2016

Diet for Diabetes is the Key to Managing Diabetic Patient

Diet for Diabetes is the Key to Managing Diabetic Patient

Reasons why people are suffering from Diabetes

If you have diabetes that does not mean by taking insulin injection it will be cured. You should understand why you are suffering from diabetes. There is two major form of diabetes: -

  1. Type I diabetes – Insulin deficiency is the reason for this type of diabetes. If you are suffering from type I diabetes then you have to take insulin injections.

  1. Type II diabetes – If you have type II diabetes then you have to take other precaution as prescribed but insulin injection is not needed. They become insulin resistance.

Type I and Type II diabetic patient have one common deficiency; they suffer from high blood pressure.

Best hormone for metabolism of human body is insulin

When food is consumed by the body, food started to break down into small pieces. Food gets absorbed into the blood. This results in an increase in glucose level in the blood. Insulin is a hormone which is produced by the pancreas.

It helps in reducing blood glucose level in the body. Both Types I and Type II diabetic patient suffer from an increase in blood glucose level. It also results in an increase in body weight. Diet management and regular exercise are the only way to avoid medication.

Recommendation for diets

  1. If you are suffering from diabetes or symptom of having diabetes in future, then it is time to consult a dietitian for a proper diet for diabetes An experienced dietitian is a valuable asset for the patient.

  2. Physical activities and regular exercise are very important for losing fat from the body. Apart from diet management, they are also important for the patient.

  3. Consumption of food should be managed properly. Higher consumption of carbohydrate may result in an increase in glucose level in the blood. Higher protein consumption is dangerous for the diabetic patient as it will affect their kidney.

  4. Calories intake should be managed properly as it can affect heart and kidney also.

Food that should be included in Diet for Diabetes patient

  1. Carbohydrate
It affects the blood sugar level the most as compared to protein or fat. When consumed, it breaks down into glucose and affects the blood sugar level in the blood. Fruit, vegetable, whole grain and beans are the main source of carbohydrate. Especially Whole grain, milk and fruit should be included in the diet for diabetes patient.

Dietitian calculates carbohydrate to insulin ratio before recommending the diet for diabetes patient. Low carbohydrate diet is recommended by a dietitian. Some of them are: -

  • The Atkins diet – According to this diet, consumption of complex carbohydrate is not allowed.

  • Low crab diet – A low crab diet includes the south beach, the zone and sugar busters’ diets. Food that is consumed later takes more time to digest and it helps to control hunger. The last food stabilizes insulin in the body.

  • Mediterranean diet – It is a healthy diet for diabetes patient. It includes consumption of vegetable, fruits, fish and other healthy diets.
  1. Fiber
It cannot be digested by the human body. It passes through the intestine and help in the metabolism of human body. Fiber can be categorized into two: -

  • Insoluble fiber – White bran, whole grain, seeds, nuts, fruits and legumes are rich in insoluble fiber. It helps in weight loss and eliminating body fat. Dietitian mostly includes insoluble fiber in the diet for diabetes type II patient.

  • Soluble fiber – Dried beans, oat, barley, apple and citrus food are rich sources of soluble fiber. It helps in maintaining cholesterol level in the blood. It helps in reducing blood pressure. It requires more water for dissolving.

  • Soluble fiber supplements – These foods contain psyllium and glucomannan. It requires less water as compared to soluble fiber.
  1. Substitute Food for Fat
These foods deliver the qualities of fat without increasing additional calories to the body. It includes:

  • Sterol and stanols found in plants, when consumed help in reducing cholesterol level in the body.

  • Olean is another substitute found in the plant.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

It is a chemical that gives sweetness of sugar when consumed without increasing calories. It does not affect blood sugar and protect heart and kidney.